Furniture maintenance tips


In daily life, housewives often have to clean and maintain the furniture to keep it bright. But you may not know, some mistakes of cleaning and maintenance methods, although can temporarily let furniture clean, but actually cause the potential damage to furniture, with the increase of using time, your furniture will be unable to make up for the problems. So in this way give everybody a way, how to maintain the furniture in the home.

Dust removal

Want often dedusting, because dirt can rub the surface of real wood furniture everyday had better use clean soft cotton cloth, wait like old white T-shirt or baby use cotton cloth. Never wipe your furniture with a sponge or tableware cleaner.

Dust, please use the soaked, twist dry cotton cloth, because the wet cotton cloth can reduce friction, avoid scratch furniture, but also helps to reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust, to remove the dust on the surface of the furniture. But should avoid moisture to remain in furniture surface, suggest had better use dry cotton cloth to wipe again. When you dust the furniture, remove your decorations and make sure to remove them lightly.


In order to remove the furniture surface consists of the pollutants in the air, when cooking of the lampblack, the operation of stains and glaze caused by the remnants of the trace, we recommend the use of special furniture cleaner. The solvent also helps remove excess wax, which is rubbed off together without causing any other adverse reactions.


Besides often dedusting, the surface of woodiness furniture also should rely on wax to undertake further maintain sometimes, in order to increase the aesthetic feeling of exterior.

We recommend that the furniture be regularly maintained with the special pure wood furniture glazed wax. In addition, do not choose those that contain silicon colophony glazing agent, because silicon colophony can soften and destroy coating not only, still can clog wood pore, cause repair difficulty. Although regular waxing does not harm the coating, we recommend that you only polish it once or twice a year. Excessive wax can also damage the appearance of the coating.