Outdoor furniture type


Types of outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture is a new fashion in furniture, which reflects people's leisure and relaxing life.This summer is decorating new home owner, can forget to decorate when choosing outdoor furniture.All kinds of distractions, into the beauty of rural life. This year's outdoor furniture variety.More, more fun.

Outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories.

One kind is permanent fixed in outdoor furniture, such as wooden pavilion, tent solid wood tables and chairs, iron wood tables and chairs, etc.General this kind of furniture wants to choose high-quality wood, have good anticorrosive sex, the weight also is heavy, long term.Put it outside.

There is also a kind of outdoor furniture that can be moved, such as the west rattan chair, the teslin chair folding wooden table.Chairs and umbrellas. Put it in the open when you use it, and you can put it in your room when you don't need it.With this kind of furniture more comfortable and practical, need not consider so much solid and anticorrosive performance, still can be based on.Individual hobby adds a few cloth art to do ornament.

Another category is the outdoor furniture that can be carried, such as small dining tables, dining chairs and parasols.

It is made of aluminum alloy or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, travel in the field, fishing is very good.

Suitable, it is best to take some outdoor equipment, barbecue grill, tent, for outdoor travel.A lot of fun.

The choice of outdoor furniture.

The choice of outdoor furniture should be thick and thin. We tend to be more careful when choosing furniture,However, the choice of outdoor furniture is a combination of thick and thin.First of all, if you stay outdoors for a long time, you will inevitably wind up in the sun, so you have to make a change in your home.Shape and fade mental preparation. General wood is mostly fir and pine. However, the selection of the connector.On top, you should be more careful, because it relates to the strong and safe outdoor furniture. So it's self-respecting.To be heavy, connect securely. The large landscape furniture, such as the wooden pavilion tent flower frame, is to be buried.Fixed.

In the outdoor furniture part of the connection, usually is the tenon or metal connection, general metal connection phase.It is stronger than that, but the well done tenon is not only strong, but there is room to move between the forces.

Movement increases the stability of the structure. And mortise and tenon furniture is also more rural natural and structure aesthetic feeling,But the process is good.Choose outdoor furniture very exquisite, the most important is material. Wood is the preferred material, generally speaking.Choose wood that is bigger than oil, such as fir, pine, teak, and must have done anti-corrosion treatment; systemThe process is also important, because the long exposure, deformation is unavoidable. If the craft doesn't pass, the furniture.It is likely that the tenon is not fastened or the expansion coefficient is not correct;

In addition woodiness outdoor furniture needs to often use wood oil or paint to maintain.

Compared to wood outdoor furniture, metal materials are durable, aluminum or waterproof treated alloy material is the best,But be careful to avoid collisions.Bamboo and rattan quality outdoor furniture is beautiful, but the price is expensive, and difficult to take care of, easy to accumulate dust and moldy, so certain.Choose good quality and special treatment. However, there is an imitation rattan outdoor furniture in the market - west rattan, price.It's cheap, it's dirty, it's good, it's durable, it's better for outdoor use.

Material choice has to do with bedroom style

From the material itself, in addition to performance, there are some characteristics and techniques in the style to achieve harmony with the overall style.Generally speaking, the outdoor furniture of wood is more suitable for contemporary, contracted style indoor environment, in line general with straight line.Mainly, other exaggerated modelling is also better.For the environment that likes the rural style, the wood color is perfect again, natural grain and temperament are easy to do.Coordination, through fine lines and details to create a calm and natural atmosphere of life, let the nervous body and mind relax, let the complex.Life is full of romance.A parasol, several wooden tables and chairs, plus a cup of herbal tea, mixed with the afternoon sun and completely relaxed state of mind, is each.City people's yearning.