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 A brief description of outdoor furniture.

As FURNITURE itself, "FURNITURE" its narrow definition refers to indoor life should.The equipment used is necessary to make the building space produce concrete practical value; In a broad sense, furniture is.People live, work, social activities indispensable appliances and a kind of purpose to meet the needs of life,

The pursuit of visual expression and the ideal of the common product.Therefore, outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi-outdoor public activities.

Furniture. It is the object that determines the space function of the building outside (including the space outside, also called "grey space").Qualitative foundation and the important element that expresses outdoor space form.Outdoor furniture differs from general furniture in that it is an element of urban landscape environment -- city.The "props" of the city are more common in the sense of "public" and "communicative".

As an important part of the whole furniture, the basic content of outdoor furniture generally refers to urban landscape facilities.Part of the rest facilities. For example, used for outdoor or semi-outdoor space, table, chair, etc.